Certified Government Contractors

At M. Stancliff Construction Co., we take great pride in our government construction work. As a client-oriented company, we know how to work with government budgets to make sure that not only do you receive everything you ask of a project, but that it’s also done on time and under budget. Trust our craftsmen to get the job done right the first time.


USSFCU Generator Support

United States Senate Federal Credit Union, Alexandria, Virginia

Scope of work included the demolition and removal of the existingconcrete pad and landscaping. Installation of concrete forms including rebar reinforcing.Pouring concrete piers which includes anchor bolts for new structural steel to support the newgenerator. Fabricate and install steel pipe bollards surrounding the new generator support.Structural steel supports were fabricated in our shop then delivered and installed onsite. Wethen painted the concrete curbs and steel pipe bollards safety yellow and installed new mulch.


International Pier Electronic Flight Information Display System (FIDS)Monitors

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, BWI Airport,Maryland

Scope of work included the demo and removal of the existing monitors intwo locations. Installation of structural steel framing and fire treated plywood to install all ofthe new electrical and communication requirements for the new monitor wall. The newmonitor wall was built on a 3 degree tilt for easier view to the customer. The monitor wallconsisted of 16 pull out monitor brackets and 16 flat panel monitors. Upon completion of themonitor wall we fabricated, painted, and installed new perforated bent metals four sides ofeach monitor bank and installed custom bent flat metal panels at the bottom of each painted tomatch the existing color of the wall. The perforated metal was installed for the monitorscooling and made removable for access to replace or service the equipment.


High Mast Light Pole Foundation Relocation

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, BWI Airport,Maryland

The relocation of an existing high mast light pole at pier C with no downtime allowed. The job required the removal and replacement of heavy duty concrete paving,auger excavation 20 feet deep with the setting of an epoxy rebar cage and anchor bolts to poura new 36” round concrete light pole base with new electrical feed. This required handexcavation to locate the existing under slab electrical and a crane to relocate the light poleduring the day so that it would be energized the next night. After the successful relocation ofthe light onto the new base, the old base was demolished and removed and the heavy dutyconcrete paving replaced. The job also required epoxy crack injection repair on 3 existing lightpole bases. The project was completed on time with no change orders and minimal punch list.

Lower Level Pier C Sanitary Sewer 

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, BWI Airport, Maryland

The installation of two subsurface sewage injection pumps and valves, with all ancillary plumbing piping and electronic controls, into the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport Pier C tunnel in a confined space with only 8 feet of headroom. The job required the removal and replacement of heavy duty concrete paving and staged excavation 13 feet deep to set two precast concrete structures below the finished floor level of the tunnel. This required hand excavation to locate utilities, engineered heavy timber shoring, and a gantry crane to set the structures due to the restricted headroom and long travel distance into the tunnel all within 90 calendar days including the submittal process and lead time on the equipment which ate up the majority of the schedule. In the end we likened this job to building a ship inside a bottle.


UMD Receptionist Desk


University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

Fabricate and install one custom receptionist desk. The desk has anabsolute black granite top with stainless steel standoffs, brushed aluminum reveal detail, and agranite base. The desk, excluding the granite top, was fabricated in our millwork shop and thestainless steel standoffs were fabricated in our metals shop.